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image Home Care SEO and the New Google My Business Q&A

Perhaps you've noticed the new Q&A section in Google Maps application listings. Maybe you have some questions about it or just ignored it completely. That's why we are here: to…

image How to Incorporate Media Coverage Into Your Home Care Business Website

A great website is made even better when you can boost your exposure to local media outlets. Integrating media coverage of community events, business offerings, and new services for your…

image Home Care SEO: Why You Need the New Google My Business Messaging Feature

Google My Business is now testing a messaging feature nationwide that allows you to chat with your customers directly from Google mobile search results, says Search Engine Land. It's part…

image Online Reviews – Fake Reviews Created By Artificial Intelligence

From The Verge: Take a look at this trio of five-star reviews of the same restaurant in NYC, and see if you can spot the real deal: “I love this…

image Home Care Email Newsletters: Why Use Them, What To Include, How Often to Send Them

Email newsletters remain an effective way to inform your target audience, pull in business, and attract a new and existing customer base. This is a great complement to any well-rounded…

image Home Care SEO: What is Google “Map Spam” and How to Combat It

Have you heard of Google Map Spam? This could have a two-pronged approach. First, SEO companies are creating fake listings and business names tagged with a bunch of keywords as…

image Home Care Websites: How Chat Tools Drive More Revenue

Driving additional revenue should be at the heart of your online marketing strategy. After all, the goal of any business -- including home care businesses -- is to make money.…

image The Home Care Marketing Problem With 1-800-HomeCare

Why Pay To Build Someone Else's Brand? This article is going to be relatively  brief.  The senior care marketing problem with 1-800-HomeCare is similar to, but even worse than, the problem with…

image Are You RENTING Your Elder Care Website?

Do You OWN The Website That You're Paying For? It’s important to know what you are paying for.  If you own an excellent elder care website, you own a valuable…

image What is a “Proprietary CMS” and Why Should You Avoid Them?

This is a question you may encounter as you begin the website creation process. It's an important one because it will serve as the basis of everything you do online…


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