The Home Care Marketing Problem With 1-800-HomeCare

Burning Money on 1-800-HomeCare
Intellectual / Pixabay

Why Pay To Build Someone Else’s Brand?

This article is going to be relatively  brief.  The senior care marketing problem with 1-800-HomeCare is similar to, but even worse than, the problem with renting your website from someone else.

1.  It is similar to the problem with renting your website in that you only benefit while you are paying for the service, and then once you stop paying, you have nothing left to show for it.

2.  It is even worse than the problem with online directories, though: with 1-800-HomeCare, you are paying to promote a brand (the 1-800-HomeCare brand) that is different from your own brand. Everywhere that you publish and promote that telephone number, you are creating brand impressions for that company, not your own.

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When you eventually decide to stop using 1-800-HomeCare, can they offer it to one of your local competitors?  If that happens, all the brand awareness that you paid to create for that phone number will begin to benefit your competitor.  That’s not a good thing!

It’s that simple: the 1-800-HomeCare concept is a gimmick that makes you promote their brand.

And that’s not smart.


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