Service Commitments

A Servant’s Heart strives to provide service excellence to our clients and to the professionals who refer to us. Fulfilling these promises is our top priority. We make the following commitments:


A Servant’s Heart promises to maintain a very high level of technical and design excellence while producing effective results for our clients. We employ best practices to produce superior results.


  • We answer calls during normal business hours promptly.
    • If we are unable to answer calls during business hours, voicemail is available to leave messages.
    • We respond to voicemail messages left during business hours within one business hour.
    • We respond voicemail messages left outside of business hours on the following business day.
  • We respond to email messages within one business day.

Client-centered service

Each client will have a service plan tailored to their individual needs. We will always put the needs and wishes of our clients first and will be highly available to our clients for both routine matters and emergencies.

Culturally Sensitive service

A Servant’s Heart is sensitive to the religious and cultural beliefs and practices of our clients.


A Servant’s Heart adheres to strict ethical standards and acts in the best interest of our clients. When advised of a concern we promise to address it that same day. We deliver our services with kindness and respect.


A Servant’s Heart is a leader in innovative technologies that provide more accurate, speedy, and cohesive service to clients. We promise to maintain and improve our position as one of the leading providers of online marketing services to the elder care services industry and others.

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