Homecare SEO – Citations: Why They Matter in Local SEO

phonebook photoCitations are vital to achieving successful local SEO, and this is an especially significant detail to businesses in the home care industry. Since many home care facilities work to attract customers in their general geographic areas, implementing local SEO itself is essential. You need potential clients who live near your facility to know that your business exists, and this is done by employing SEO techniques that get the results you seek. One of those techniques is known as the local citation.

Understanding “NAP”

The first step you’ll need to take when you plan to display citations for your business is selecting the “NAP” format you wish to display. NAP is simply an acronym for an online listing of your business name, address, and phone number. However, this simple acronym is an important one, and getting the details right in your citation is very important. A complete local citation will include the name, address, and phone number of your business. You can also devise a partial citation that includes the name and number of your business. You may even choose to utilize only the phone number of your business for citations.

Consistency Is Crucial

Consistency is a crucial detail to remember when you’re choosing your NAP format. In order to gain consumer recognition of your business name, people need to see your business homename displayed in a correct and consistent manner across the Internet. This means that the details of your citation should remain the same whether a person finds you on Google+, on Yelp, or on the business directory of your local Chamber of Commerce.

Consistency is not only critical in terms of consumer recognition. It’s also a strategy for ensuring that you get additional citations. Perhaps most importantly, the consistency of your NAP information may lead to better search engine rankings. Such rankings are of utmost importance to your home care business – if prospective clients cannot find your business when they search online, they may never find it at all.

Managing and Correcting Local Citations

Although the consistency of your identifying details is vital, keeping such information consistent across the Web can be challenging. Details like addresses and phone numbers may change, and they might also be displayed incorrectly due to human error. Even a misplaced apostrophe can result in lower search engine rankings for your business, and it could also send your potential customers to the wrong business altogether.

A good way to determine whether your citation information is correct is to go to the Google My Business help page. You can update your information there so that it is consistent with any new changes. You should also perform a thorough search online for all of the details related to your business, so you can find any listing mistakes that may be displayed anywhere on the Internet. You can find browser add-ons to help you search for and correct local citation listings, but you may want to hire a professional to perform an exhaustive search for you. A professional might also assist you in cleaning up any mistakes or duplicate listings that are displayed online.

Why Should Local SEO Citations Matter to Your Home Care Business?

In the past, brands and business owners employed the practice of link building to get their names displayed in multiple places online. This practice is still in use, but countless spammers have rendered it less effective in terms of search engine rankings. Because of this, citations are now considered to be more credible than links; spammers can’t hide behind vague information with citations the way that they have when utilizing links. Correct citations on multiple Internet pages can help your business to achieve higher search engine rankings, which means people searching online for home care facilities will have a better chance of finding the listings for your business – instead of the listings for your competitors.

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