How a Digital Marketing Success System Can Propel Your Business Even Further

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If you feel as though your business is stagnating, you may just need a little push to get things going again. A digital marketing success system could be just the thing to propel your business even further, taking you over that slump and into a whole new realm. Here at A Servant’s Heart Web Design and Marketing, we have launched a new site and system called the Digital Marketing Success System, and it’s designed to help you rank better in search results while generating more revenue for your business.

From review management to Google My Business listing optimization, the most important thing you can do to promote your business is to rank well and stand apart from the competition in the Google SERPs. This isn’t a set-it-and-forget-it endeavor. You have to constantly be reinventing yourself, rolling with the punches as the digital marketing landscape evolves. Here’s how.

A Professional Presence Generates More Revenue

Part of being more successful as a small business is to generate more revenue. Sounds obvious, right? But it doesn’t just happen. Here are a few ways you can propel your business to new heights by creating more revenue and boosting your online presence with us.

  • Rank well in online searches with an enhanced Google My Business profile.
  • Convince visitors to get in touch with you for more information about your service, and make it easy for them to do so.
  • Communicate with clients with online chat.
  • Ask for reviews from clients by asking them to fill out a simple form.
  • Quickly respond to reviews, good and bad.
  • Share and display favorable Google reviews.
  • Keep an eye on competitors who may be using fake Google My Business listings.

Improve Client Perception

Your reputation as a local business is of paramount importance. By securing a reputation as one of the best home care businesses in your area, you are boosting your ranking factor in Google local search results, which is a compilation of Google review scores as well as the number and frequency of reviews you receive. In addition to Google, you’ll need reviews on other sites such as Facebook and Yelp, which won’t help with rankings per se but will enhance the perceptions prospective clients have of your business.

Chipping away at those revenues, building them up bit by bit, is essential. Studies show that consumers want a business to have 40 online reviews before they will believe its average star rating.

Why is Revenue Growth Important?

If you’re not moving forward, you’re sitting still or even moving backward. Constantly looking to bring in more revenue is the lifeblood of any digital marketing approach. Here are four main reasons why revenue growth is essential to your business.

  • Profitability – The main reason you’re in business is to make a profit. The more you make, the more successful you are. Pretty simple. Revenue is the primary driver of profitability. When revenue growth is accelerated, you make more profit, are able to re-invest back into your business, create new revenue streams, and boost your business value.
  • Valuation – How valuable your company is will determine your ability and flexibility to make critical decisions about your business. You can better secure investment funding and bank loans, and even sell or merge your business.
  • Customers/Patients – The ultimate proof of how valuable your business is: are people buying into it? Keeping customers, or in your case, patients, is hard work. Acquiring new ones is even more difficult. Your customers expect to receive a high value for your service. When you constantly grow revenue, you are instilling confidence in your “buyers.” Securing customer loyalty and acquiring new customers starts with a perceived value in your services.
  • EmployeesTalent acquisition and retention are vital, especially in your field where compassion is just as important as skill. You have to keep and attract the best possible employees (physical therapists, caregivers, etc.) in order to thrive. As your company grows, so too does employee satisfaction. Your workers benefit from a growing business in many ways, such as through higher wages, career path opportunities, performance bonuses, and equity payouts. The opposite is also true: if you are not growing and not generating revenue, it won’t be easy to retain good employees and hire top talent. You will likely have to offer higher compensation packages to secure quality employees, which in turn drives your costs up and brings down profits.

When you attain steady revenue growth through a proven system, you are in a better position to attract the best workers, instill confidence in your customers, create value in your business, and experience higher profitability.

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