How To Win At Online Marketing

The Goal of Online Marketing:
Get more calls for new business

The Strategy

  1. Make them find you
  2. Make them choose you

What does a Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page) display?

  1. Google PPC (pay per click) ads 
  2. Local search results (called the “local pack”) The best place to Make them find you
  3. Organic search results – long list of websites The worst place to Make them find you 

The Local Pack is your Secret Weapon!

screen shot of a local pack

The Local Pack

The Secret Weapon of Online Marketing

The local pack is the first thing that searchers see, after the Google ads.

The local pack shows three companies, sometimes also one ad.

This is Google’s way of showing which companies it recommends, based on its own criteria

If you don’t show up in the local pack, how will searchers find you?They probably will not.

If you do show up in the local pack, how can you make searchers choose you?

  • Reviews
  • Business hours
  • Website

Your website still matters 

When they choose you, you win when they decide to call by:

  • Calling the number shown in your Google My Business profile, or 
  • Clicking through to your website and calling the number shown on your website


1. Make them find you 

  • By ranking in the three choices shown in the Local Pack

2. Make them choose you 

  • By being the most attractive choice with your Google My Business Profile
  • By having a great website, in case they click through to it from your Google My Business profile.
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