How to Incorporate Media Coverage Into Your Home Care Business Website

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A great website is made even better when you can boost your exposure to local media outlets. Integrating media coverage of community events, business offerings, and new services for your home care business onto your website not only validates your presence but increases your reach as well. But in order to optimize the value of your content, it’s not enough to simply get published. Entrepreneur says you also need to proactively distribute content once it’s published.

Check out a few ways you can amp up your content and get it out in front of your audience. Remember, being quoted gets your business recognized in your field and establishes you as a subject matter expert on home health care, says Small Biz Trends.

Share to Social Media

Social media is an effective tool for any aspect of online marketing, but especially when it comes to amplifying your message through media coverage. From video footage on the local news to newspaper articles about your business or home care industry, post that content to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn platforms. If you’re posting on Facebook, tag people for whom the content would be especially useful. Respond to all comments on all platforms. Retweet and share your posts, and feel free to direct-message users who reach out to you.

Help your users find your media content with hashtags, advises Social Media Examiner. This will help immensely with:

  • Promotions
  • Event tracking
  • Unification
  • Conversations
  • Targeting
  • Innovation

Harness the power behind the hashtag to garner interest in your media coverage and thus your home care business overall.

Make it a Permanent Part of Your Site

Giving your media coverage content a permanent home on your website means visitors can easily access what’s been written, said or recorded about your home care business. This lends an added layer of credibility to your website — a validation that will become a permanent structure for reliability. Make a banner or drop-down menu on your home page entitled “News,” or “Press” or “In the Media.” Here, you can drop publications, videos and journal articles that feature your company in an effort to enhance your third-party credibility. Don’t forget to include high-resolution images of your business that have been taken at various charity events, community events and awareness programs.

Having a dedicated Press section isn’t just good for clients and prospects; it’s also great for reporters who are looking for stories to expand on.

Add to Email Signatures

If you’re proud of a certain article on your company, why not feature it prominently at the bottom of your email signature as a way to tie in with your website? This gives people the opportunity to learn more about you as you build credibility with key target audience members, such as older females who are searching for quality home care for their aging parents.

Link to Your Newsletter

If you have a home health care company newsletter, add links to your media content so recipients can extend their reading to your website. By the same token, link to your newsletter from your website to augment the media coverage details you have online. Include high-res photos, testimonials, sound bites and more. By featuring recent pieces in your newsletter or email blasts, you save yourself time on creating brand new content to post and add each week. A double benefit!

Be Proactive

It’s wise to always stay on top of who has a vested interest in your achievements, improvements and actions. Send media features of interest to prospects, candidates, potential investors, families, physicians, or anyone else who would benefit from learning more about your brand. You can do this through your website, email, and social media channels. Let others be ambassadors of your business. Ask them to share media content they enjoy and would like to pass on to other people.

Get on Wikipedia

If you pass the notability test, you can have a page created for you on Wikipedia. This gets tricky, though, as you can’t create one yourself. It must be a non-biased third party, and the editing and submission process is extremely time consuming and tedious. However, if you can manage to scrape together a variety of media coverage sources backing your credibility, you can link to your Wikipedia page from your website. Your Wikipedia page is yet another source you can use to showcase your media coverage with specific links to your many achievements. This is important, as Wikipedia does dominate the SERPs, points out Search Engine Land.

Contact A Servant’s Heart Web Design and Marketing

We can help you incorporate all your media coverage into your home care website, augmenting it with expertise in e-newsletters, social media, authority building and content creation. You and your existing clients know how great you are — it’s time to show everyone else why you are a leader in your field. Contact us at (760) 227-2720 for additional information or to request a FREE website review and SEO consultation.


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