SEO Building Blocks

SEO Building Blocks is the term we use to refer to the primary tasks involved in website SEO campaigns. They are listed below in terms of their importance, order of execution, and impact upon search engine rankings.

SEO Building BlocksOrder in which they are doneOne-time or RecurringIncrease Search Click-ThroughCapture Leads At Time of NeedBuild Brand AwarenessOn-SiteOff-SiteLocal Search ResultsOrganic Search Results
Website built with SEO in mind1One-timexxxx
GMB, GSC, GA setup and monitoring2One-timexxxx
Schema markup2One-timexxx
Website management 3Recurringxxxx
Social Media4Recurringxxx
Online Reviews Management4Recurringxxxxx
Industry Directory Listings 5One-timexxxxx
Citations management5One-timexxx
Content - publish fresh material 6Recurringxxxxx
Link Building7Recurringxxx
Email Newsletter8Recurringxxx
Paid ads - ppc, google home service ads, etc99Recurringxxxxnot now, but perhaps in the future
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