What is a Digital Marketing Success System?

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The world of digital marketing is ever-involving, and the only way to stay on top of the latest innovations and technologies is to invest in a system that ensures success. After all, you’re spending a lot of money on your online marketing strategy, and you want assurances that it will be profitable and lead to increased exposure. A digital marketing success system is an ideal way to go about that. Such a system is designed to help you rank better in search results and generate more revenue for your business.

Here at A Servant’s Heart Web Design and Marketing, we are proud to be launching a new site and system called the Digital Marketing Success System. Today, we’ll discuss just what this system is and why you need it for your home care company.

Essential Components of a DMSS

There are two main things you as a business owner must do to promote visibility:

  • Rank well
  • Stand out amongst your competitors in search engine results pages, or SERPs.

This forms the foundation of our Digital Marketing Success System, built on more than eight years of research and experience generating new business for our home care clients.

We concentrate on four main components to ensure success:

1. Review Management

Your reputation is a critical factor in success. If you’re not the best at what you do in your area, you can quickly slip through the cracks. Indeed, one of the top-ranking factors for Google local search results is a combination of your review scores as well as how many reviews you have and how frequently you get them. But beyond Google, you also need to accumulate reviews on other online platforms such as Yelp and Facebook. Don’t discount the importance of reviews for your business. According to Search Engine Land, 93 percent of people use reviews to determine the quality of local businesses, while 72 percent do not take action until they have read reviews on the company’s product or service.

2. Optimization of Google My Business Listings

You won’t appear in Google local search results until you have a Google My Business listing. If you haven’t created a profile yet, it’s essential that you do it ASAP. Not only do you have to create one, you have to optimize and monitor it so you can appeal to potential customers and look better than your competitors. Being listed — correctly and consistently — on Google My Business boosts your chances of appearing in Google’s Local Pack, Google Maps, Local Finder, and overall organic rankings. The best part is, claiming this listing on Google is absolutely free. You’ll need to include information about your company, such as address, business hours, phone number, and payment types accepted.

Claiming your GMB listing will grab viewers’ attention and increase your local search results ranking.

3. Detection and Elimination of Competitor Spam

It’s not uncommon for competitors to outrank you in search results through the creation of fake GMB listings. They do this through keyword stuffing and arbitrary use of city names — both of which violate Google’s terms of service. Essentially, this allows your competitors to unfairly compete with you. A big part of our Digital Marketing Success System involves monitoring the listings of your competitors and reporting the fake ones so they will be removed or demoted.

Fraud is out there, and it’s more prevalent than you think. In fact, according to the Wall Street Journal, Google Maps features 11 million illegitimate local listings, and hundreds of thousands more are created every month. Those fake listings push real businesses like yours further down the SERPs, which negatively impacts your ability to reach your customers and makes you vulnerable targets for scammers.

4. GMB Listing Monitoring and Protection

You don’t want to leave your GMB listing vulnerable to malicious actions by your competitors, not to mention unsatisfied employees or clients. When that door is opened, those people can submit false change suggestions, post malicious questions and answers, and leave untrue negative reviews. With our team on your side, you can rest easy knowing we continually monitor your listings and reviews to detect these unfair actions and thus prevent them from occurring in the future, as well as block them before they can pose further damage. The impact of malicious manipulation from competitors can be far-reaching and devastating to a legitimate company of any size.

In conclusion, from online review management to GMB monitoring services, our Digital Marketing Success System puts your best interests first and foremost, guiding you in ranking higher and generating more revenue at the same time.

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