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elderly computer photoHow to Build a User Friendly Home Care Web Page

After you’ve optimized your website for search engines in order to increase the traffic that flows through your website, it is important to have an aesthetically appealing website that will keep visitors on your site and continue to drive clicks. A great web page will not only look great, but will have great content, be easy to navigate, and visitors will know exactly what the website is offering within seconds of arriving. With these tips, you can improve the look and functionality of your web page, and encourage visitors to stay on your site longer.

Functionality is Key to a Websites Performance

Before you tackle the looks of your website, it’s important to build a website that functions appropriately. In order to optimize your home care website for easy use, it’s important to design a page with a fast load time. A fast load time will help visitors get to their intended destination faster, and an optimized web page will encourage visitors to continue to navigate through various menus and sub-pages. Along with fast load times, easy navigation is essential to building a user friendly website. Adding tabs for navigation to different pages, including a consistent design throughout your website, and offering mobile friendly content are all great ways to ensure that your website is easy to navigate and user friendly. Next, it is also critical to minimize Java Script on your web page. While some Java content can add to the appeal of your website, having too much of it can alienate visitors with devices that cannot display Java content. Having minimal Java Script is fine, as long as users can still get the intended experience without the Java content. Finally, integrating social media can keep users engaged and can encourage interaction both on your website, and on various social media platforms.

An Aesthetically Appealing Website will bring Visitors Back

Part of building a user friendly website is designing a website that looks the way users think it should look. Text should be organized with headers, sub headers, and paragraph text in order to differentiate the text, so that readers can quickly jump from section to section.  This text should also be aligned appropriately with paragraph indentation. Websites that look thrown together have a higher bounce rate, and are unable to attract repeat visitors. Colors and pictures should also be utilized to help create a mood for your website. Bold colors can get readers attention, and lighter colors can create a calming mood. Depending on the purpose of your website, different colors can be used to create the desired effect. Pictures can also compliment your websites content, but they should be relevant and should not distract from necessary information.

Search Engine Optimization Will Help Bring Users In

In order to have a user friendly website, you must have users. Bringing new users in to your website is made possible through SEO. Optimizing key words and content to pop up more often in search results will continue to bring in additional traffic and direct users to your website. Using commonly searched for keywords or phrases and an SEO friendly URL can help improve the likelihood of attracting new visitors to your user friendly website.

User-friendly websites can help make your home care business thrive, and by creating a website that functions appropriately, looks great, and uses Search Engine Optimization, you can build a user friendly website that will attract visitors and keep them coming back. These repeat visitors can help your home care business grow and expand, and by taking these simple steps to improving your website, you can continue to attract those repeated clicks to your website.

Photo by KimSanDiego

Photo by KimSanDiego

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