Home Care Websites: Why is WordPress The Best Foundation?

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There are many ways to build the foundation on which your website will stand. WordPress is a preferred platform for its ease of use and functionality. In fact, it powers nearly 24% of all websites worldwide, according to Search Engine Journal. This powerful platform has several benefits: not only is it easy with one-click installation, it includes plenty of plug-ins, add-ons and extras to help you further customize your home care website. Another big plus for WordPress is that it’s open source, contributing to its powerful CMS. It also happens to be up to date on all SEO standards, making it a great tool to improve your organic search rankings.

Benefits of WordPress

Perhaps the best thing about WordPress is that it’s highly flexible and versatile enough to meet all user needs through its extensive features and extensions, points out Entrepreneur. And as a busy elder care professional, you don’t have time to figure out complicated tools or call your web developer every time you need to make an update. WordPress puts the power of adaptation into your own hands with web design that works for you. Here are some other benefits of WordPress for your home care business:

  • Secure: With automatic update features, you can rest assured WordPress is constantly updating its software to prevent hacker attacks.
  • Easy to use: It takes just minutes to learn the process, which is why WordPress remains the most user friendly and intuitive platform out there today.
  • Support: You get access to a community that is big on support, where you can feel free to troubleshoot or ask questions.
  • Multimedia: It can be daunting enough to add text, but when it comes to adding media like photos and videos, many users get apprehensive. WordPress allows you to build up a library of photos and videos that you can easily insert into your text to round out your pages.
  • Mobile friendly design: Approximately 77 percent of Americans own smart phones today, up from just 35 percent in 2011, according to PewResearchCenter. And with four out of five searches via mobile devices leading to action of some kind (purchase or sign-up of service) says Search Engine Watch, you can’t afford not to have a mobile responsive design. Luckily, many WordPress themes are already mobile responsive so you don’t even have to worry about this.
  • Testimonials: It’s no secret that the bulk of any home care provider’s business comes from referrals. With the ability to add a Testimonial section for your WordPress design, you can show potential clients how well-received your services have been for other people. Home care isn’t an industry that you can approach with the hard sell. It’s built on experiences, compassionate care and comfortable solutions that are just right for families. Often, this process takes time. Testimonials can nudge potential clients your way if they see how wonderful your staff has been for another family’s loved one in the past.

Home Care Website Customization

As a home health care agency or provider, you have a story to tell. You work with the elderly and their families, which means you have to appeal to a demographic looking for comfort and reassurance. WordPress has several themes that can help you tell that story, in beautiful colors and fonts that bring comfort to the forefront. Whether your business focuses on elder care, senior living, assisted living, or nursing homes, WordPress has easy navigation buttons with clear directives for search that can help your core demographic get the information they need. With the ability to support rich graphics and the latest technology, your home care website needs to include all the tools your users need to find you and learn more about your offerings.

Easy Navigation

Here are some more reasons how WordPress can be customized to your home care business:

  • The use of colors and fonts that are easy to read: While much of your audience will be comprised of family members caring for their loved ones, a bulk of your audience is made up of seniors themselves. Often those seniors are looking for services for their 90+ year old parents. You need a website that will target an elderly audience, and that entails design that is easy to read. WordPress can encompass senior-friendly graphics, photos, fonts and color combinations that allow for easy reading.
  • The flow is easy to navigate: Navigation is important when you’re dealing with the elderly and their families. Websites that can be customized with smoother navigational flow, helpful labels and well-organized information will be met with appreciation. A professional web designer who specializes in creating websites for those who serve the elderly has done extensive research into the mindset of your clients and how they want to experience your website. Your site should be clearly laid out with a few key features to direct visitors wherever they need to go. Do too much and your website will become busy and difficult to navigate, advises Forbes.

Contact A Servant’s Heart Web Design and Marketing

Because we work exclusively with those who care for the elderly and their families, we know the specifics of this industry and the challenges you face. We also happen to use WordPress as our design platform, offering you a user friendly way to maintain and update your website. Call us now to learn more at (760) 227-2720.


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