Why Upgrade Your Site to Responsive Design?

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Twenty years ago, websites were created with one mode in mind: sizing to fit a desktop computer. Fast forward to today and websites now must be created with many platforms and sizes in mind, from tablets to PCs to phones. It’s called responsive web design, or RWD for short. You can’t really operate a business online these days without it. Global mobile data traffic grew 63 percent in 2016, according to a report by Cisco.

Nielsen says Americans now own four digital devices on average, with the average U.S. consumer spending 60 hours a week consuming content across devices.

Search Engine Land says 60 percent of searches now come from mobile devices.

The statistics are very telling, and they certainly make the case for why home health care businesses like yours need to get on the RWD bandwagon. Incorporating RWD in your web design is a wise choice.

What is RWD?

First off, let’s explain. Responsive web design is the application of merging design and development in an effort to respond to the user’s behavior and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation, says Smashing Magazine. With a mix of flexible grids and layouts, as well as images, websites are able to automatically switch to accommodate for varying resolution, image size and scripting abilities depending on the device being used at the moment. Thus, there’s no need to have a separate mobile site that comes with its own design and development challenges.

Advantages of RWD

RWD isn’t just good for your home care business; it’s good for your clients. That’s because when you improve the user experience, you increase your chances of getting them to call you and inquire about your services. With so many people on the go (including clients in your demographic), you can’t afford to get them frustrated. If your site isn’t properly loading and they need information NOW, they’ll move on to the next competitor in a heartbeat. Aside from the practical approach, RWD is good from a search perspective. In fact, this is Go

Google’s recommended mobile configuration. The king of search engines prefers to see just one URL and HTML no matter what device is being used. This allows for easier searching, organization of content, indexing and drawing of search results. In the case of separate sites for mobile and desktop, the HTML is very different, forcing Google to slog through this process separately for all versions of the same site.

Better Navigation and Management

RWD not only makes your website easier to view, it also helps the user better navigate and manage as they work their way through your site. It’s a no-brainer to think that if your users can access and navigate your website easily, they are more likely to stay. If they can’t immediately find what they need, they won’t stick around to see what happens. They’ll leave and visit another website. If, instead, they see that they can easily navigate your site without having to scroll and resize everything, they’re more likely to inquire about your home care services. Remember, your core audience is older females who are juggling their own busy lives with caring for their aging parents. They don’t have time for a slow site that won’t load properly. And you can’t afford to lose them.

Increased Conversion Rates

Looking to increasing your conversion rates? You won’t get far without a mobile-friendly design. That’s because your users won’t be able to convert. This isn’t good news for your business that counts on referrals and word of mouth. You never know when someone will refer your home care business to someone else on the go. Make your users work too hard and they likely won’t complete the action they initially came to your site for.

Contact A Servant’s Heart Web Design and Marketing

Responsive web design is a critical part of the web design of your home care site. This is one of the many services we offer. Your website will be designed to work well with mobile devices from the beginning, which is key because more and more users are searching with their phones rather than their desktops and laptops.Call us now at (760) 227-2720 to learn more.


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