What is a CRM and What do CRMs do?

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CRM stands for customer relationship management, and it helps businesses manage and support their customer relationships through technology that’s designed to build and grow customer relationships over the entire customer lifecycle. CRMs help arm teams in the marketing, sales, service, home care, commerce, and IT space with the tools necessary to ensure personalized and consistent customer experiences that fuel business value. With the U.S. home healthcare market projected to grow seven percent annually to $173 billion by 2026, according to Business Insider, it’s no wonder this industry is far outpacing growth in all other care types, including physician services and hospital care.

Those are big numbers. With those big numbers comes the need for robust technology that can not only handle your existing client base but handle the potential for growth within your company. As the owner or manager of a home health care or elder care agency, you need software solutions that can help you with:

  • Care plan management
  • Scheduling
  • Billing and invoicing
  • Time tracking
  • Marketing
  • Patient records management
  • Mobile access
  • Email blasts

On top of that, you need to be able to store, track, and analyze patient and family information in one centralized spot, including:

  • Contact information
  • Accounts
  • Leads
  • Service inquiries
  • Sales opportunities
  • Marketing campaigns

And most importantly, you need to be able to share and analyze the above information easily and instantly, company-wide, in real-time.

In short, CRMs are there to help you better manage patient data, schedule visits, and sessions, drive a client base, electronically verify visits, and monitor, schedule and pay caregivers.

Now, it’s important to point out that a good CRM is not just a glorified tool for sending email blasts. Rather, it should provide automation tools, sales funnel building tools, and much more.

The ORM (online reputation management) system that we provide to our SEO and Digital Marketing Success System clients is built entirely with the automation tools in the CRM that we use. This is called HighLevel. In our next article, we’ll formally introduce you to the platform and let you know how you can access and use HighLevel, all for FREE.

What CRMs Can Do For Your Business

CRM isn’t just an address book. It’s a powerful platform that can empower your eldercare team to build relationships more efficiently so you can provide the best client experience from start to finish. In the past, CRMs were complicated to learn and expensive to implement, allowing only the largest companies to be able to take advantage of them. But today, any business of any size in any industry can utilize CRMs that are affordable and easy to learn.

If you’ve been running on spreadsheets up till now, you won’t believe the difference when you have a fully automated system that not only keeps track of all patient and marketing info in one spot but that updates in real-time so any member of your team can view it at any time. Or, perhaps you already use scheduling software that helps you track sales and marketing, but it may not help you track client visits and staffing operations. A full CRM can handle both sides of your business: marketing and clients. So how can CRMs help your business overall?

First, let’s take a look at some stats:

  • Just a five percent increase to your customer retention efforts can increase profits between 25 and 95 percent.
  • CRM systems can improve customer retention by 27 percent.
  • Every dollar spent on CRM has an average ROI of $8.71.
  • CRM can boost conversion rates by 300 percent.

A good CRM can:

  • Track all potential leads and log all communication.
  • Remind you when to follow up with a lead, allowing you to send emails or make phone calls so all communication is recorded.
  • Track how many referrals you receive and help you compare referral sources using measurements like referral volume, lifetime value per client, and total billable hours.
  • Automate emails so you can send hundreds of emails at once.
  • Create a consistent sales process that is easily scaled and improved upon.
  • Help you continue to track communication even after your leads have become clients.
  • Help you contact and progress leads more efficiently, reducing the time and money spent on sales and marketing.
  • Track data regarding which referral sources and marketing channels give you the best results.
  • Allow you to close with more leads thanks to prompt follow-up.

This all sounds great, but you may be apprehensive about adopting a new software program for your business. No worries. On the whole, CRMs are intuitive to use and feature strong customer support that can answer your questions at any time.

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