Lead Generation: What Types of Lead Generation Services are Available?

…and what are the pros and cons?

Does your online marketing plan include a strong lead generation strategy? It should! Before we get into what types of services are available, let’s recap what lead generation means. In a nutshell, a lead is a person who shows interest in your services or products.


There are many lead generation methods your business can implement to gain more customers and boost your revenue.

Cold Calling

One of the most traditional methods of lead generation, this is used to directly pitch customers a service or product over the phone. It is basically a type of interruption marketing that many businesses don’t use these days, but some still do.

You can either purchase customer data from data vendors or source it through online directories and data scrubbing tools. Then, you’ll have to come up with a script detailing all the information and benefits of your service or product. You’ll also need to include counters to the many objections customers may pose.

Email Marketing

This is when you send bulk emails to prospective customers to entice them to either visit your website or make an order directly through the mailer. This form of digital marketing, also known as drip marketing, is one of the more popular marketing and lead generation methods.

You’ll need a database of potential customers, just as with cold calling above. It’s important to note that email marketing only has a conversion rate of three percent, meaning it can only be successful if you have a large bulk of email addresses. Then, you’ll need to write an eye-catching subject line and craft compelling content for the body of the emailer that is responsive for all devices. It’s helpful to use an email marketing tool such as HighLevel to send bulk emails.

This technique is best for B2B and B2C companies, especially for those that run special offers or discounts on services on a regular basis.

Inside Sales

This method involves having a team of lead generation experts using tools such as LinkedIn and other online platforms to market products directly to a relevant audience, good for B2B companies that are going more for lead quality than quantity.

Your team of inside sales professionals will need a clear list of target sectors so they can reach out and connect with those demographics and pitch to them. This is best for B2B companies looking to sell their products or services to relevant executives or companies through business platforms such as LinkedIn.

Search Engine Marketing

This form of digital marketing involves placing paid ads on SERPs to reach customers who are searching keywords relevant to your business. This type of inbound marketing involves bringing the relevant audience to your website where you can then convert them into leads.

You’ll need a website or a landing page with a contact form, along with relevant content about your offerings. You’ll have to create an account on Google or Bing ads and create campaigns including keywords you want to target as well as the ad copies you wish to display. You get charged for every click you get on your ad.

This is great for those selling a product that has a huge demand online. You will have to do your research on the keyword searches for your specific product category or hire an online marketing company to do it for you.

Social Media Marketing

Platforms like Facebook and Instagram have millions of potential customers you can reach for your home care business. This is a great way to increase your customer or patient base and raise awareness about your brand.

You will need to create accounts on every social media platform, which each has its own ad manager. Then, you can target your ads to people based on their age, gender, location, job profile, hobbies, and educational background.

This is best for B2C companies looking to advertise their products to end-users and entice them to place orders directly.

Pros of Lead Generation Services

There are many reasons why you may want to engage in lead generation services:

  • Speed Up Slow Days/Seasons: If you’re having a tough time bringing in new customers or patients on your own, lead generation services help you connect the dots.
  • Visibility for Smaller Businesses: New, niche, or small businesses don’t have the established web presence necessary to attract new leads organically. Lead generation services make you more visible to potential patients and customers who would not find you otherwise. Basically, these services act as a bridge to ensure you get the recognition you are seeking.

Cons of Lead Generation Services

There are also some disadvantages to lead generation services, where it wouldn’t make sense to invest in them:

  • Quantity Over Quality: When paying for leads, it takes a while to find a good one. There are lots of window shoppers out there who could be mistaken as a lead when all they really want is to do a little research rather than buy. So, you could get a long list of leads, but most of them won’t be qualified (but you’ll still have to pay for them!). This translates into a lack of ROI.
  • Those Leads Are Not Just Yours: When using lead generation companies, you’re not the only one receiving those leads. Other business owners that provide the same service you do in your area will also get those leads, which puts you in direct competition with them.
  • Converting Leads is Difficult: Because your leads are also being sent to your competition, the customer is receiving an onslaught of phone calls, emails, texts, etc., and may already be very annoyed by the time you talk to them.

In the end, generating leads is an important turning point in a person’s journey to becoming a happy customer. Getting them to trust your business is often made much easier with lead generation services.

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